DAC Receives $50,000 Challenge Matching Grant for Building Additions

Winona, Minn – The Winona Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) announced as of Monday August 11, they had received in cash and pledges, a total of $213,000, with $l07,000 in additional funds needed to reach their goal of $320,000.   On August 12th,  the Steve and Barbara Slaggie Family Foundation offered a $50,000 challenge matching grant, stating that when the DAC raised an additional $50,000 after August 11th, the Foundation would match those donations dollar for dollar, up to $50,000.

The DAC has received an additional $30,000 since receiving the $50,000 challenge matching grant from the Steve and Barbara Slaggie Foundation and needs to raise $27,000 more to reach their goal of $320,000 and received the $50,000 challenge matching grant.

The DAC plans to add two 1,800 square foot additions; one on the East side of the building and a second on the West side of the current building. 

The addition on the East side of the building will extend the DAC’s large workroom.  The expanded space will allow the DAC to move its work production area away from the loading and staging area, making for a safer work environment for clients and giving the DAC additional space for work production.  The workroom was originally built as a half gymnasium, in addition to the extra space, the new addition will bring several windows and that will brighten up the room substantially.

Building for this new addition began on July 29 and is expected to be completed this fall.

The second 18,000 square foot addition on the West side of the building is scheduled to be built in the Spring of 2015 on the West side of the building.

The second addition will feature an expanded small workroom and activity center.  Currently the DAC small workroom shares space with the lunchroom.  Each day staff spend time transforming the current space between a workroom and lunchroom. Staff estimate that they lose an hour a day of work time due to the switching back and forth.

The expansion will allow for a permanent small workroom and a separate lunchroom/activity center giving the DAC two distinct and separate spaces to better serve clients.

The additions are coming at just the right time.  The DAC’s service license recently expanded from 60 clients up to 75 clients in April, 2014.  The DAC took on six new clients in June, bringing the DAC’s total clients served up to 63.  The DAC is expecting to see a 25% growth in clients over the next few years, making this addition a priority.

For more information on the 50 years of Caring, 50 Days of Sharing capital improvement campaign please feel free to contact the DAC at: (507) 452-1798.  Donations to the 50 Years of Caring, 50 Days of Sharing capital improvement campaign can be sent to the DAC at:

Winona DAC

Attention: Capital Improvement Campaign

1721 West Service Drive

Winona, MN 55987

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